Calling all Entrepreneurs!

Do you have a passion for fashion? Have you always wanted to have your own business, but didn't know how or where to start? Have you seen other apparel companies and wish you could join, but just couldn't afford the expensive buy in or risk? Well we have your answer…”MAMARUE” MamaRue was founded on this very basis to give the average entrepreneur a chance at a real business and real success while sharing and selling an amazing brand built and designed for the future of women.


How it works:

MamaRue is built on a truly unique platform allowing a new fashion consultant to have everything they need to start with no money out of pocket and no risk. Yes, you saw that right, no initial startup costs out of pocket. MamaRue provides each new consultant with all the tools they need to hit the ground running including a small inventory, business cards, payment processing and order processing system. YOUR success is directly a result of YOUR hard work and customer base.  The philosophy is simple, you  get out  on what you put in to it."MR" Fashion consultants make avery good living while having tons of fun while doing it. 


Sounds too good to be true right? MamaRue was founded on the basis of empowering the future of women. We believe strong women build each other up! One way we do this is by providing opportunities that may not otherwise exist to the everyday woman. We have set up a mainframe to invest in YOU, while providing the tools necessary to succeed because lets face it…if you’re successful, we’re successful!


Who in the heck is MamaRue? 

MamaRue was founded by Tamara Desierto. Tamara was a full time Registered Nurse specializing in Trauma, ICU, and PACU.  She has a intense passion and humanitarian spirit when it comes to her job and helping others. Her struggles with motherhood are not unlike many of you out there. She struggled with her first time failed pregnancy, a complicated second pregnancy with twins, and subsequent loss of another child. Tamara took time to heal, and turned her focus full time to her other surviving daughter. With the all too common motherhood dilemma, Tamara had decided it was time to get back out in the work world but struggled with the desire to want to spend as much time as possible raising her new daughter. With that passion for success and desire to help others in similar shoes the idea of MamaRue was born. Tamara insisted that MR be a company built to help not only herself and family, but the future of women as well by providing a no risk business environment and model that truly is empowering. Are you interested in becoming part of the MR family and the start to YOUR new business? Simply fill out the form below for more details. We would love to hear your story and look forward to bringing you into the MR family.