Support For Blake



Hello Everyone one of our long time friends has been enduring a very tough time with there 14 month old blake. He suddenly stopped breathing while out on a family outing on fourth of July and has been in the ICU under induced sedation at Rady Children's hospital while they try to  figure out whats going on. As you can imagine the uncermountable cost associated with this. If you know Leah and family they have a heart of gold and are always there when needed for others.  Starting July 16th and ending July 23rd "M.R." Apparel will be donating 40% of revenue from all sales in store and online to this wonderful family in a attempt to help offset some of the enormous cost associated with during this tough time. "M.R" Apparel will also be donating 100% of all profit from Blake support band sales to the family. Here is a little bit from  Blake’s family.  


Friends and family, we are not typically very public with our personal lives, but we really need your love. We are trying to survive an unimaginable journey that started when our precious 14 month old sweet boy stopped breathing at the park. We have been living in the ICU at Rady Children's Hospital and Blakies is fighting the battle of his life. He is the strongest, toughest and bravest lil guy with a smile that melts your heart.


Many of you are asking what you can do, and we have figured out how you can help. We are strong believers in the power of positive energy and would appreciate the following:


1: We have a vision of Blake returning as an older healthy boy and adult handing out balloons to the staff here in the ICU as a sign of gratitude and encouragement to patients facing their own medical challenges. Please help champion this vision so we can make it a reality. 


2: In an effort to elevate the positive energy around Blake, please honor him by going out of your way to help or do something nice for someone, even a stranger. Big or small, please share your experience with us. It will lift our spirits and we will tell Blake about the impact he is making in our world.


3: Please keep the prayers, well wishes, support, love and good vibes flowing. 


Blake is such a special soul and we are blessed to have him. Thank you for your continued love and support, we know we can get through this together.