We at MR are always asked with all the different brands out there...why would one choose MamaRue? 

The answer is quality!! We at MR take great pride in everything that we make and sell, and quality is of the up most importance to us. Being founded by working moms, we know that quality and durability are key to those constantly on the go. Whether your running across town, picking the kids up from school, or having a special night out, the last thing any one needs is a wardrobe malfunction. MR products are designed to be durable,comfortable and stylish. We achieve this in a multifaceted approach.

Step 1 Design. We design every piece to be durable, stylish and fit appropriately for a variety of shapes and sizes. 

Step 2 Testing. We test each and every product before it is released to the public to insure the fit, comfort, and longevity of our products are all achieved and within specifications. 

Step 3 Manufacturing. Because MR is the manufacture we control the manufacturing process from start to finish. We also have access to to proprietary fabrics and materials that lend to the durability and unbeatable comfort that our customers have come to love. You may see familiar labels or blends that say 92% polyester 8% spandex, but the way our blends are woven and constructed is what separates MR from other brands out there to provide the unbeatable products we provide. 

Step 4 Pre-delivery inspection. Each piece is hand inspected to insure it meets of the upmost quality before it leaves our facilities and shipped to you. 

Step 5 Customer service. Customer service is Priority #1 whether you are a E-commerce customer, in-store customer, or one of our amazing fashion consultants. Everyone receives the very best in customer service and support, we are here for you and want to insure should a issue or question arise we are here to help. We can be reached via phone,email, social media and right here on our website.

Step 6 In stock availability & repeatability. We strive to achieve a 99% stocking status. Our styles, sizes, and products do not vary from one lot to the next. We strive to insure that when you order your favorite outfit one month and want to order another the next,it still has the same fit and finish you fell in love with. Most items ship next day. 

We hope this helps to shed some light on the MamaRue difference and why so many are giving us a try and falling in love with our brand!